Paint Brushes

I believe when you are gifted with a creative mind, you have a 'Purpose'

In life, you count yourself lucky when you discover your true passion. My artworks are a piece of my soul and workings of my inner mind.  

A portion of the art proceeds from every collection is contributed to support various causes across the globe.​

We as people have the power to create happiness, have the power to make this life free & beautiful and to make a wonderful adventure out of sheer joy..



A Bangladeshi born visual artist, creative consultant and a passionate baker living in Melbourne. A mixed pack of almost everything that involves art! Channelling all kinds of inner ideas, through my creative work brings me utmost joy and a sense of accomplishment. Living with a purpose is what I truly believe and try to live by it.

My love for painting keeps me grounded and reflects an important fragment of my personality. My artworks reflect my cross-cultural background and my appreciation for heritage architectures, and different facets of mother nature. I believe, one defines my existence and another reminds me of my roots. The human mind and its complexity also intrigues me, and my recent artworks are a response to unravel embodied emotions into a visual dialogue.  



Red Painting and Brushes
Paint Tubes



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