I believe when you are gifted with a creative mind, you have a 'Purpose'

In life, you count yourself lucky when you discover your true passion. My artworks are a piece of my soul and workings of my inner mind.  

A portion of the art proceeds from every collection is contributed to support various causes across the globe.​

We as people have the power to create happiness, have the power to make this life free & beautiful and to make a wonderful adventure out of sheer joy..



A Bangladeshi born visual artist, creative consultant and a passionate baker based in Melbourne. A mixed pack of almost everything that involves art! Channelling all kinds of inner ideas, through my creative work brings me utmost joy and a sense of accomplishment.

My love for painting keeps me grounded and reflects an important fragment of my personality. My artworks explore the multiplicity of human perceptions, the interconnection between human, nature and consciousness. In addition to this, I have a fond appreciation for the intricacies in heritage architectural forms and structures.



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Red Painting and Brushes
Paint Tubes