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Solo exhibition - Manningham Art Gallery, Melbourne 2022

The paintings explore the dualities of lived experiences and the interconnection of all existence within nature, and beyond. Watercolor and ink on paper is used to reflect the fluid beauty of mind, and how we see things through a fragmented lens.

In oneness, we feel a deeper connection with everything in existence. The artworks explore the unconcious mind and the perception of reality, structured in terms of dualities- self/other, internal/external, spiritual/material and human/nature. In this era of uncertainty and global change, many of us have developed an acute understanding of interconnection between nature, mankind and the harmony that exists within polarities.

Nature has been the core inspiration in creating these paintings. Forms and elements of nature, in particular birds are depicted as a metaphor to represent the coexistence of inner and external worlds, freedom of soul and self-reflection. The site specific installation explores life, death, and the interconnection of all relationships in between. Inviting to an immersive experience through a space of silence and observation.

The body of work is inspired by the Japanese concept of CHINMOKU - the power of silence.

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